Project Description

The CSAH 77 improvements will extend from the southern city limits of Lake Shore to the intersection of CSAH 78 at the north end of Gull Lake, near the Bar Harbor restaurant.

The reconstruction of approximately 3.9 miles of CSAH 77 was recently added to Cass County’s five-year Capital Improvement Plan and is anticipated to be constructed in 2017. The design of CSAH 77 will include new pavement with the potential for areas with curb and gutter to minimize disturbance, review of drainage improvements along the corridor, and will work to improve pedestrian accommodation along the corridor by coordinating with the trail project team.

The CSAH 77 corridor is about 17.2 miles in length with traffic volumes ranging from 1,000 to 4,100 vehicles per day.

The area located on the west side of Gull Lake in the City of Lake Shore is highly developed, with numerous small lots both on Gull Lake and on the west side of CSAH 77. While the number of residents is approximately 1,037 full-time residents, the population grows to more than 3,000 in the summer months. This area has numerous resorts, motels/hotels, restaurants, bars, and other recreational opportunities. Most of the restaurants, resorts, and bars are known throughout Minnesota and beyond as destinations for vacations and conferences. The Gull Lake area also has numerous adjacent lakes that contribute to the area’s recreational opportunities. The City of Lake Shore encompasses approximately 18 square miles in Cass County, which includes six other lakes.

Stage 1 Alternative Route Map

Stage 1 Local Loop Map

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